Sunday, January 16, 2005


We were all overwhelmed by the aftermath of the recent Tsunami in Asia with countless number of victims. We know that this type of catastrophe is a natural accident, yet we have to question it and verify that the intensity of that Tsunami clearly testifies that the environmental unbalance is certainly affecting the growing of the potentiality for natural calamities of such magnitude. It is our duty to make a serious reflection on the phenomenon in order to search wiser ways to deal with the environment and to diminish our responsibilities on these catastrophes.

We, the blog universe, propose to join together in one alert to humankind and to implement each of us in our way and in our environment practical ways of change for the better!

The time has come to speak openly. Questions should be brought about deeply and not in a restrictive manner. We should now endeavour to challenge the environmental and ecological problems more critically. It is the humankind that is being threatened!

And with reason! We are more and more conscious of the fact that the fight for preservation can no longer be confined to borders or be regionalized and that the answer has to be global otherwise it won’t be an answer.

The acid rains, the global heating effect, the sea and rivers pollution, the forest destruction, have no azimuth, nation or region. They have to be fought globally otherwise no one will be free from being injured by their effects.

People still breath. But for how long?
Deserts still let some spots blossom but they keep pushing on.

There are still un-burnt forest green spots not yet cut down. The forest deficit is however becoming more threatening every day.

There are still oil sheets to extract, uranium and copper to be mined, coal and iron to feed the great foundries of the world. But these stocks are not renewable.

In short, the case can be depicted as follows:

We have been assisting to a model of development that solves its crisis by the unsustainable growth. That means that this is a short-term solution, because if we keep consuming the non-renewable natural reserves sooner or later they will come to an end.

So, we have to retrace our way and find other sustainable solutions otherwise the earth will be condemned to last only while there are the natural resources we depend on.

We are greatly mistaken if we think that science has got the answer for all problems. What is new nowadays and really upsetting is the growth development model of the world economy, spending the non-renewable precious natural resources already in shortage that soon may become extinct. And if we can deal without uranium, iron or oil, we will not survive without air or water.

So, we are in urgent need of a global answer. The need of a global answer itself gives us the actual dimension of the problem and the real size of the difficulties of the solutions. People read the Rome Treaty, the European Unique Act and more recently the conclusions of the Quioto, Rio de Janeiro and Johanesburg Conferences, where it is well manifested the reluctance of the most industrialized countries, namely the United States in accepting the reduction of the emissions level. The international communities and their governments fail to show true ecological and environmental endeavour persisting in the neo-liberal thesis where a blind inhuman and faceless economy will lead us to no-way out.

On the other hand, we all have been unable of an ampler and un-temporal vision. We only mind about having pure air to breath till the end of our times forgetting those to come. We go on wasting water irresponsibly.

Was the businessman who projected the mill psychologically and culturally prepared to accept without sophisms or reserves the conclusions of a serious evaluation of the respective environmental impact?

Even without prejudicing the perverse growth patterns we are linked at, there are measures that should be taken and that are not taken as follows:

  • To use up to the limits of their power the solar and aeolic energies
  • To use the hydraulic energy up to its limits rather than the thermal energy
  • To revert to the use of organic manure in detriment of chemical fertilizers
  • To correct the excessive use of pesticides
  • To stop when it is still time, the use of discarded products, plastic bags and products of intentional lifetime.
  • To revert to the use of railways instead of road transports.
  • To re-evaluate the irrational dimension of the urban traffic in general and of the cars in particular.
  • To re-evaluate the madness of the urbanism phenomenon
  • Re-think the project conception of the cities and coastal lands.

In other words, the political trend tends to be a constant appeal to the growth therapeutics by the growth. It is too late not to disregard that when the production increases the natural reserves diminish.

There is however a phenomenon that not always is associated to the humanity concerns. I refer to the demographic boom.

More or less rigorously, it is known that the population grows in geometric progression and the food in arithmetic progression. Thus, in less than half a century, the world population has grown two and half times!

In the last ten years we have grown one thousand million! … It is not difficult to foresee where this situation will lead us in the future.

If what we need is a wiser and more responsible man who looks dearly to this wonderful planet he has once received in excellent conditions of preservation and is methodically destroying; a man who swears together with his fellow creatures to do the best to keep the air breathable, the water an instrument of life conveyance, and to bring back the natural balance to recuperate o self sustainable cycle, let us assume that task in a joint-venture with persistence and determination.

If what is at stake is the continuation of life upon earth and in a second line the life quality, why waste more time?So, we appeal to all of you who mean to join this movement for the Preservation of Nature, Piece and for the harmonious growth of the Human Kind, to subscribe this Appeal.

In doing so, we are avowing our citizenship while free people that look with concern at the future of the World, the future of our sons!

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Sunday, December 26, 2004


Que es lo que hace a un ser humano, suicidarse de pronto por un incontrolable desespero?

Que es lo que hace a una persona matarse lentamente fumando su existir o ahogando su debilitado corazón?

Que es lo que hace a un ser aniquilar su vida, creando heridas fatales con sus propios pensamientos obscuros?

La vida es por demás noble como para maltratarla así.
El existir es por demás valioso como para desperdiciarlo así.
Hasta cuando creeremos que el vivir apegados a nuestra “forma de ser”;
De pensar y actuar es la única opción disponible, y peor aún,
Que por ello mismo es algo justificable para herirnos y dañar a los demás?

Alguna vez pensaste que también se puede ser egoísta consigo mismo?
Te digo como. Si vemos al ser humano como un ser consciente en potencia, con un valor inmanente y trascendente a lo puramente material siempre disponible dentro suyo, presto a ser descubierto y utilizado. Y al mismo tiempo contemplamos como otro aspecto de sí mismo, lo más fenoménico o relativo, a su ego, que en lugar de ser mediador, instrumento de esta actualización de la consciencia humana se vuelva en objetivo último en si mismo. Qué pasaría si entonces si vivimos al servicio fundamental de este mediador, en lugar de contemplarlo como instrumento de aprendizaje, de crecimiento, de “evolución”? Pasaría que la persona estará alienada de sí misma, por tanto que estaría siendo egoísta consigo misma; con aquel aspecto de su ser que es trascendente, que da real valor y significado a su propio existir fenomenal.

El ser gentil con uno mismo, es una de las cosas que más me ha gustado escuchar y reaprender en estos últimos años. Pues no obstante congestionados de sentencias respecto a nuestro deber religioso de bondad piadosa hacia los demás, es muy poco lo que hemos recibido de educación respecto al ser bondadosos, gentiles con
nosotros mismos; más aún cuanto más la dureza de la vida nos lo solicite.

Algunos tenemos la dicha de haber tenido una crianza donde el haber recibido un Amor más dulce y fraterno, nos ha dado parámetros para continuar este aprendizaje con lo que después vendría, y aún así siempre hace falta reflexión y experiencia para darnos cuenta de lo importante de todo esto. Cuanto mas difícil se hace aún para aquellos cuyos cimientos emocionales han sido débiles o fracturados por carencias afectivas, o traumas psicológicos.

Amarse a sí mismo significaría entonces, no idolatrar ni alimentar este ego, haciendo de la herramienta, señor. Y sí, reconocer nuestro avance y debilidades, procurar y trabajar por aquello que es de verdadero valor, comenzando por nosotros mismos, para así ser capaces de completar o plenificar el ciclo de realización en el impacto significativo, real que ofrezcamos al otro.

Nadie da lo que no tiene. Cuando útil es este principio. Como se puede espectar ser bondadoso con los otros al ser crueles e impacientes con nosotros mismos? Como contemplar tener la virtud de la paciencia y el ser magnánimos con el prójimo, si nos aferramos al perfeccionismo utópico de nuestros egos o lo pretendemos en los demás?

Siempre me gusto comentar la anécdota del quedarse votado en la calle, habiendo perdido una clase, un examen importante, una entrevista o charla valiosa, o quizás una cita o llegada temprana a casa por no tener una moneda en el bolsillo para pagar un pasaje? -Sé que esto se adhiere más a la vivencia del niño o adolescente que a la de un adulto, mas el ejemplo vale. Y una vez de vuelta en casa, al mudarnos el vestido o pantalones, nos percatamos por el canto sonoro de la caída de esa o esas monedas que andaban bien escondidas en la esquina de un bolsillo, de aquella ropa que vestíamos, que siempre tuvimos aunque “escondido” con que pagar nuestro pasaje perdido? Que siempre tuvimos la posibilidad real, concreta de realizar ese viaje y alcanzar nuestro objetivo, mas que al no darnos cuenta del dinero poseído, simplemente creamos y vivimos otra realidad limitada creada por nuestro propio descuido.

Así es la vida también en muchos sentidos. Poseemos un potencial maravilloso, aunque dormido, y si no nos percatamos al menos que lo poseemos, jamás nos ocuparemos en buscarlo y expresarlo. Menos aún, podremos lograr aquello, que sólo con esos “internos” recursos es posible plasmar.

Amarse a sí mismo significaría entonces, dejar de anularse, de quitarse a sí mismo algo más de lo valioso que se posee internamente. Desde la tranquilidad y esperanza que se consigue al darse cuenta de su presencia -aunque potencial-, hasta la satisfacción consecuente de su utilización edificante especialmente en lo mas sencillo del día a día.

Quizás o mas bien seguramente si hiciéramos así, nos aniquilaríamos menos, tanto por formas trágicas y repentinas; como a través de las paulatinas, que a pequeñas y crónicas dosis van matando el alma y así el cuerpo y la vida.

Estas palabras se las dedico a aquellas almas que aunque encarnadas, existen matando su propia vida; como a aquellas que habiéndose ido, aun sufren por haber sido letalmente egoístas consigo mismas, abandonando toda bondad y compasión hacia sí.

Friday, December 10, 2004


The sannyasi had reached the
Outskirts of the village and settled
Down under a tree for the night
When a villager came running up
To him and said,” The Stone! The
stone! Give me the precious stone!”

“What stone?” asked the sannyasi.

“Last night the Lord Shiva appeared
to me in a dream, “ said the villager,
“and told me that if I went to the
outskirts of the village at dusk
I should find a sannyasi who would
give me a precious stone that would
make me rich forever”.

The sannyasi rummaged in his bag and
Pulled out a stone. “He probably
Meant this one,” he said, as he handed
The stone over the villager. “I found
It on a forest path some days ago. You
Can certainly have it”.

The man gazed at the stone in wonder.
It was a diamond, probably the largest
Diamond in the whole world, for it was
As large as a person’s head.

He took the diamond and walked away.
All night he tossed about in bed,
Unable to sleep. Next day at the
Crack of dawn he woke the sannyasi
And said, “Give me the wealth that
Makes it possible for you to give
This diamond away so easily”.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Buda was once asked, "What
makes a person holy?"
He replied, "Every hour is
divided into a certain
number of seconds and
every second into a certain
number of fractions. Anyone
who is able to be totally present
in each fraction of a second is holy".

The Japanese warrior was captured
By his enemies and thrown into
prison. At night he could not
sleep for he was convinced that he
would be tortured the next

Then the words of his master
came to his mind. "Tomorrow is not real.
The only reality is now".

So he came to the present--and
Fall asleep...

The person over whom the
future has lost its grip.

How like the birds of the air
and the lilies of the field.

No anxieties for tomorrow.
Total presence in the now. Holiness!

(Story narrated by Anthony de Mello)

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Monday, November 29, 2004



Husband: “I’m going to
Work hard, and someday
We are going to be rich”.

Wife: “We are already rich,
dear, for we have each other.
Someday maybe we’ll
have money”.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Cuando sabes amar es señal

de que has llegado a percibir

a las personas semejantes a tí.


Preguntó un gurú a sus
discípulos si sabrían decir
cuándo acababa la noche
y empezaba el día.

Uno de ellos dijo: "cuando
ves a un animal a distancia
y puedes distinguir si es una
vaca o un caballo".

"No", dijo el gurú.

"Cuando miras un árbol a
distancia y puedes distinguir
si es un mango o un anacardo".

"Tampoco", dijo el gurú.

"Está bien¨, dijeron los discípulos,
dínos cuando es.

"Cuando miras a un hombre
al rostro y reconoces en él
a tu hermano; cuando miras
a la cara a una mujer y
reconoces en ella a tu hermana.
Si no eres capaz de esto,
entonces, sea la hora que sea,
aún es de noche¨.